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About US

Hillsphere Investments

Hillsphere Investments Group is leading the digital transformation of real estate markets in Zimbabwe. We offer cost-effective, cloud based systems that streamlines various time-consuming tasks

At Hillsphere we know that your needs extend far beyond traditional transactions processing. We understand property sales, management, investment and valuation, and we create customised solutions that addresses all your business needs

Products & Services

Proptech offers cutting edge and customized technological solutions in real estate to individuals and companies in the following areas.

» Property & Portfolio
» Management Software Solutions
» Property Valuation Software
» Real Estate Database Management
» Data Analytics
» Property Sales Tracking
» Property Listing & Online Advertising
» Asset Tagging
» Tenant Screening

Our Team

Our team is made up of highly qualified, dynamic and experienced individuals who are determined to make a difference.

We help your real estate business to achieve the following:

Never do the same action manually again. Work smarter and faster with our workflow automation solutions.
Get a detailed analysis of your business with our integrated reporting dashboards.
Communicate easily with your clients, tenants, partners, etc via our automatically generated notices and updates.
Bring your team together to work on major deals, assigning managerial roles, access rights and sharing settings
Synchronize and organize your showings, meetings, to-do list and viewings schedule across multiple devices.
Generate and archive high-quality branded documentation such as leases, invoices, receipts and contracts.

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